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TOMATOMICS is an integrated omics database for Solanum lycopersicum (tomato).

Major contents (details):

  1. Sequences of all ESTs, Micro-Tom full-length cDNAs, ITAG2.4 gene models, which are clustered by genomc position and sequence homology.
  2. Annotations for the sequences based on manual curation of scientific papers (knowledge-based functional description) and searches with BLAST, InterPro, and KEGG Pathway.)
  3. A genome browser showing genome structural annotation, SNP/InDel between Heinz 1706 and Micro-Tom, mapped RNA-seq reads, and so on.
  4. Gene expression and coexpression calculated using ITAG gene models.

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  • TOMATOMICS: A Web Database for Integrated Omics Information in Tomato.
    Kudo T., Kobayashi M., Terashima S., Katayama M., Ozaki S., Kanno M., Saito M., Yokoyama K., Ohyanagi H., Aoki K., Kubo Y., and Yano K., Plant Cell Physiol., 58(1):e8 (2017)
    [PubMed] [PCP]

  • Genome-Wide Analysis of Intraspecific DNA Polymorphism in ‘Micro-Tom’, a Model Cultivar of Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum).
    Kobayashi M., Nagasaki H., Garcia V., Just D., Bres C., Mauxion JP., Le Paslier MC., Brunel D., Suda K., Minakuchi Y., Toyoda A., Fujiyama A., Toyoshima H., Suzuki T., Igarashi K., Rothan C., Kaminuma E., Nakamura Y., Yano K., and Aoki K., Plant Cell Physiol., 55(2):445-454 (2014)
    [PubMed] [PCP]




KaFTom provides information about Tomato full-length cDNA clones derived from Micro-Tom.



MiBASE provides information about Micro-Tom ESTs and Kazusa Tomato Unigenes ver.3 (KTU3) constructed from Micro-Tom ESTs and publicly available tomato ESTs.


2017-Jul-31 New

A page describing contents of TOMATOMICS has been posted.


A TOMATOMICS paper has been published.
Kudo T., Kobayashi M., et al. "TOMATOMICS: A Web Database for Integrated Omics Information in Tomato."


TOMATOMICS is officially released with TMCS genome annotation version 1.2.1.




Amino acid sequences of HTCs is downloadable. -> Download


New tables are downloadble now. -> Download
(1) A table for Heinz 1706 transcript IDs in ITAG2.5, Micro-Tom names (EST,HTC), and INSDC Accession numbers
(2) A table for Heinz 1706 transcript IDs in ITAG2.5, SGN EST names, and INSDC Accession numbers


"TOMATOMICS beta version" Release

'TOMATOMICS' has been developed and maintained by Bioinformatics Laboratory of Meiji University. Last Modified Jul. 31, 2017.