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OryzaExpress new version is available

The integrated database "OryzaExpress" provides information of gene expression network and biological annotations in rice.

  • Rice Gene Expression Networks (GEN)
    • New Rice GEN is released from "Gene Expression Network" in the top menu.
      It has been constructed from microarray data (Affymetrix, GeneChip).
    • Old version of GEN is also available from "Coexpressions" in the top menu.
      It was been calculated from Agilent 22K microarray data.
      The associations of each gene pair are shown in the table format only.
  • Integrated Annotations
    We collected data of genome annotations, Gene Ontology (GO), metabolic pathways and gene expressions from the public domains.
    The data from distinct databases could be accessible from OryzaExpress even if the identifiers are different.
    The omics-data collected here are shown in the following table (We thank the public data).

Integrated Omics-Data from public databases

Genome Annotation RAP-DB (RAP Annotations)
MSU Rice Genome Annotation (release7)
Functional Annotations Gene Ontology
Metabolic Pathways KEGG PATHWAY
Microarray Platforms Probes in Agilent Rice Oligo Microarray (22k)
Probes in Agilent Rice Oligo Microarray (4x44K)
Probes in Affymetrix Rice Genome Array
Gene Expression Data NCBI GEO
Gene Expression Network ATTED-II (Arabidopsis)

What's new
The data of 'Gene Expression Networks' were updated.
The microarray samples used to construct networks increased from 871 samples to 1,893 samples.

Kentaro Yano
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